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Women Trial Lawyers Collective Retreats To Focus on Doing Good

By November 7, 2019No Comments

Laurie Koller, along with Rena Cook, Lexlee Overton, Jacqui Ford and others recently presented a retreat for women trial lawyers from around the country. This is the second retreat that Women Trial Lawyers Collective has sponsored. Both retreats have been well attended and well received.

We explored goals, personal obstacles, and creating paths to success. Rena Cook helped us focus on using breath and the voice to command presence in the courtroom and outside of it. The way we speak matters and affects what our listener hears. Lexlee Overton helped with mindfulness and visualization. Lots of deep introspection.

But, we also had a lot of fun. Post Oak Lodge in Tulsa is a beautiful setting and we were really able to enjoy nature and a fabulous view of Tulsa.

Helping legal clients often means taking on their problems and traumas and wounds indirectly. Learning techniques for staying centered and grounded while helping victims helps us all do a better job. “Secondary trauma” is the name for what happens when a lawyer (or other helper) suffers due to the trauma of another person and was the subject of a recent Oklahoma Bar Journal article.  The Oklahoma Bar Association has acknowledged that lawyer’s mental well-being is critical to the delivery of high quality legal services. So much so that learning about it is now part of Oklahoma lawyer’s ethics requirements. WTLC has stepped up to fill a gap in that area for women lawyers.

The Women Trial Lawyers Collective will be hosting another retreat in Fall 2020 so if you are interested, or know someone who might be, let us know! Contact Koller Trial Law.