Personal Injury Legal Coaching for Recent Law School Graduates

Law Schools have never been effective at educating lawyers for the “business” of law. In today’s tight legal market, fewer law school graduates are finding employment working for others. This is particularly acute in the personal injury field.

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While it used to be possible for attorneys in other fields to handle a personal injury case, today’s personal injury field is riddled with landmines for the inexperienced. Between the sophisticated collection efforts of various private and governmental entities each seeking protection of their lien and subrogation interests and the near-constant changes in the law due to tort reform, an uneducated practitioner takes on a huge risk doing this work alone.

On top of all of that, the reality is that the plaintiff’s personal injury field could use some diversity! The 1991 Class of Duke University Law School, of which Laurie was a member, was the first at that school to have more women than men. Many other law school classes are also full of women. So where did they all go?

For the most part, they have not entered the personal injury field. That’s where Laurie Koller comes in…

Koller Trial Law, PLLC offers a “personal injury bootcamp” to recent law school graduates

These seminars will help new-to the-field lawyers figure out how to avoid the landmines. Check our calendar for the next available seminar.

The follow up to the bootcamp is a coaching service. As personal injury cases are contingency fee cases, the coaching service is offered for a percentage of the fee. The coaching includes YouTube videos discussing the various aspects of a personal injury case in a “what to do next” format. The coaching also includes twice monthly telephone conferences about the status of the case, developments, and next steps.

Should the case become more complex or require trial, other co-counseling services can be provided.

Depending on the initiating attorney’s desire, Koller Trial Law can assist at trial or the case can be referred for completion. Those lawyers interested in learning trial techniques and gaining skills can do so. Other lawyers who have decided that they are unlikely to take on significant numbers of personal injury cases can refer the case.

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