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If I represent you, your interests come first. That means you have the final word about the legal steps you choose to take. I am here to listen to you and your story and guide you through your options.

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laurie koller attorney oklahoma | Civil Representation of Victims of Crime | Oklahoma

Civil representation for victims of crime

Personal Injury cases

Victims of sexual assault and abuse – children

( within institutions such as schools / clubs )

Co-Counsel Services

Victims of sexual assault and abuse – adults

( massage therapist, medical, nursing homes )

Victims of other crimes

( shopping malls, parking lots, apartment complexes, parking garages Рwhere there’s an expectation the property owner is keeping an area safe but does not )

The Goals Of Our Initial Consultation

Coming forward with information about sexual abuse and sexual assault can be extraordinarily difficult. Many victims of sexual violence have legitimate concerns about what will happen if they contact a lawyer about their experience.

Because it is often the uncertainty about what will happen that prevents victims from coming forward, we would like to explain our goals in an initial consultation, and the process we use to better get to know our clients and determine how we can help them.

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Every employee of Koller Trial Law is trauma-informed and understands the need for extreme confidentiality.